About Falcons Luxury

Renting a limousine in Zurich is no magic trick: you search the Internet, compare prices and send your boss to one of the many mass suppliers. Or you can send him to us: Because if you are looking for exclusivity, honest advice, high comfort and luxurious service and don’t feel like mass transportation, Falcons Luxury is your limousine provider.

Our promise

Because we spoil our guests, for example with a gift package on longer journeys. Because we grant generous discounts for orders lasting several days. Because we treat you like a regular customer from the first contact. And for many other reasons:

  • safely on the road
  • qualified employees
  • always available
  • Kids welcome
  • helpful
  • fair prices & discounts

A motivated team

Our slogan “You can recognize the falcon by its flight”, elegant, majestic as well as careful and unerringly equipped with good eyes, we transfer directly to us. We are a young team, the limousines are elegant and majestic. The drivers are careful and keep the overview in every situation.

Large network

Thanks to our large and constantly growing network, we always maintain an overview and remain flexible, even under heavy loads. You as our customer benefit from this, as we can almost always organise a solution or a limousine within a short time – even when we are already working to capacity.


Some insights